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Brand-new referral system

1 año

We are happy to announce that our new and improved referral system has been enabled on 1Broker. It rewards you for recommending our service to your friends and introducing our platform to new traders. As a thank you for helping 1Broker, you will receive 25% of our trading commissions generated by your referred users and 5% when they copy other traders - a lifetime long.

To celebrate this event, the referral reward percentage is doubled from 25% to 50% until Monday, September the 10th.

Old referral links are fully backwards compatible and you can continue to use them.

An overview of the new features:

Multiple Links

Now it is possible to create up to 5 referral links for your account. This is extremely useful for tracking your results: You could use the first link to make Facebook posts and the second to make Twitter posts.

Powerful Charts and Statistics

For each link you can see new charts and statistics, showing you exactly when your link got clicked, when a new user registered using your link and how much you earned from them per day. This is especially interesting for advanced marketing actions and makes it more transparent which marketing channel has been the most effective.

User-level Earnings Information

For an even deeper analysis, there is now a detailed listing of your daily referral earnings per individual user available.


Here is the full changelog of our recent update:

  • Referral payments are now cumulated and paid out once a day.
  • It is now possible to delete the account from the settings page.
  • You can now report support messages if they weren’t helpful.
  • The order create text in your transaction log shows more information.
  • Major backend refactoring.
  • position/shared/get api call: Renamed “deleted” field to to “deleted_by”.

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