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Trailing Stop Loss


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Trailing Stop Loss

What is a Stop Loss?

A Stop Loss is a threshold at which a position is closed if it is crossed by the underlying price. It is a protective measure if the market moves against your trade. Keep in mind that the Stop Loss value is not a guaranteed exit price, it just triggers a regular market order. Especially if you are holding positions over-night or over-weekend, it cannot protect your position from sudden price fluctuations.

What is a Trailing Stop Loss?

A Trailing Stop Loss works like a regular Stop Loss except that it will trail the price at a set distance if the trade develops in your favor and remain the same if it does not. It is used to limit losses if the market goes against your trade and to "lock in" any profits if the market moves in your favor.


You set the Stop Loss for a long position at 100.00 while the market price is at 105.45. If you activate the Trailing Stop Loss it will trail the price at a distance of 5.45. It will be updated to keep that distance if the price moves away from the Stop Loss and will remain unchanged if the market price moves closer. Once enabled the Stop Loss is updated every 60 seconds.

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