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Your Bitcoins are Safe

When it comes to our services security, we spare no expense to ensure your deposits are handled safely. Our infrastructure was built with damage mitigation in mind. Even if our web servers, trading engine, database and local computers are fully compromised, your funds will remain safe. It is virtually impossible for an attacker to steal large amounts from our infrastructure:
We have proven ourselves: Since our launch in 2012, there has not been a single security breach.
More than 95% of users' deposits are stored in hardware wallets and paper wallets.
To avoid a conflict of interest only one person, the majority stakeholder of our company, has direct access to these funds.
Wallet backups are distributed to various locations and stored encrypted in analog and digital form.

Sophisticated Server Security

We are extremely conservative about relying on third-party software. Instead of building on top of untested new technologies, we prefer to use bulletproof (open-source) tools, which have proven themselves over the past years. Internally, we perform extensive code reviews and test our software heavily for security related issues. To secure our servers from intrusions and data loss we follow best practises, which include:
Our servers are located in a former nuclear fallout shelter in Switzerland.
A RAID protects the service from hard disk failures by mirroring all data instantly on redundant hard drives.
Encrypted backups of our databases are automatically distributed to various locations.
A successful attacker would not be able to delete backups from our backup servers.
We use up-to-date software and algorithms.
As a precaution: We don't fear successful server attacks, we expect them. Our infrastructure was built with damage mitigation in mind.

Maximum Client Security

We educate you across our application about security related topics and make sure that your account is not an easy target for an attacker. If you set up the account properly, you will have bank-level security and your funds are safe, even if your PC is virus infected.
SMS (smsTAN) or Two-Step Token (Google Authenticator) based two-factor authentication.
You can look into a detailed access log of your account.
Email notifications warn about suspicious activity.
All connections to our service are encrypted with TLS.
No external resources are loaded when you are logged in.

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