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SegWit and API Changes

2 years

On Sunday May 20th 2018, we will upgrade our Bitcoin wallet infrastructure to be fully SegWit compatible. Unfortunately, this requires that all deposit addresses will change and transactions to old addresses will no longer be credited. If you send funds to and old address by accident, we will manually credit your deposit upon your request.

SegWit, among other things, increases the available space for transactions per block and makes second-layer solutions, like the Lightning network, possible.

By adding 1Broker to this new wallet infrastructure, transactions between 1Fox and 1Broker will be instant and with virtually no fees. Withdrawals to regular addresses will be charged with a floating transaction fee that is updated every hour depending on the required Bitcoin network fees. This floating fee will be much lower than the previous fixed fee we used.

After this upgrade it will also be possible to send Bitcoin transactions to the new alternative address format called Bech32.


API Changes

With this update we will update our API to version 2.2 that includes the following changes:

  • The user/bitcoin_deposit_address.php method will be removed and replaced by a new user/deposit.php method.
  • deposits_unconfirmed field was removed from the user/overview.php method.
  • deposits_pending field was renamed to pending_deposits in user/details.php.
  • A new position/get.php method will return position details for a single position - works for open and closed positions.

You can find the details about these API methods in the API documentation after the update.

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