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2 years

In the past months we primarily focused on our new cryptocurrency trading platform 1fox.com. Today we finally deployed some upgrades for 1Broker again. The most notable change is our new official Telegram group - we hope to see you there!

Here is the full changelog:

  • Replaced captcha system with Google’s reCaptcha for a better protection against password guessing bots.
  • Replaced some PNG icons with vector graphics.
  • Fixed vertical position of select input fields.
  • New notification when an order/position is rolled over to the next underlying future market.
  • New notification when a refund/payment/donation is credited.
  • Fixed an issue where values in the UI were rounded differently than in our backend (seemingly leading to incorrect order executions)
  • Performance improvements for many methods like fetching the transaction history.
  • Better visual representation for phone-number input fields.
  • Dozens of minor improvements and changes.

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